Cllr Colin Crawford to replace Robin Swann as North Antrim MLA

The Ulster Unionist Party have selected Cllr Colin Crawford to replace Robin Swann as MLA for North Antrim, after he was elected as a Member of Parliament in the general election.
Councillor Colin Crawford is set to replace Robin Swann in the Assembly as the UUP MLA for North Antrim.

Councillor Colin Crawford has been selected by the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) to replace Robin Swann as their MLA for North Antrim, as BBC News NI has reported.

Robin Swann was elected as the Member of Parliament (MP) for South Antrim in the general election.

Assembly rules mean parties can co-opt a replacement without the need to hold a by-election.

The Alliance Party and the TUV also need to find replacements for their new MPs, Sorcha Eastwood and Jim Allister.

Alex Easton, who was an independent MLA for North Down, can also select a replacement to take his seat at Stormont, he has not yet decided who will replace him.

There is a small window of seven days in which replacements must be chosen and the Chief Electoral Officer must be notified.

Crawford was elected as a councillor for the Ballymena District Electoral Area (DEA) on Mid and East Antrim Borough Council in May 2023.

Three co-opted MLAs

The constituents of North Antrim will be getting two new MLAs, as both Robin Swann and Jim Allister were elected there.

This means they will have a total of three co-opted MLAs, as Alliance’s Sian Mulholland was co-opted to replace Patricia O’Lynn in 2023.

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