As the general election campaign enters its final day, here is everything you need to know for polling day

It is the last day of the general election campaign. Voters will head to polling stations across the UK tomorrow to cast their vote. Here is everything you need to know ahead of polling day tomorrow.
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The general election campaign has entered its final day, with polling stations just hours away from opening.

Voters will head to polling stations across the country tomorrow, with eighteen seats up for grabs in Northern Ireland.

Polling stations will open at 7 am and you can cast your vote until 10 pm. If you join the queue before 10 pm then you can still vote, even if it is after 10 pm once you get into the polling station.

You can only vote at your assigned polling station, you should have received this information on your polling card in the past few weeks. You can also find your polling station at

You must bring a form of accepted photographic identification to the polling station. A full list is available to view on the Electoral Office for Northern Ireland’s website.

As long as the photograph is up-to-date and looks like you, then the ID does not have to be in date.

How does voting work?

When you arrive at the polling station you go to the ‘polling station table’ where a member of staff will ask you to confirm your name and address, and you will need to produce your ID.

Once they have confirmed your identity they will give you your ballot paper. It lists all candidates standing for election in your area.

You then go to a polling booth and mark your ballot paper with an ‘X’ in the box beside the candidate you wish to vote for.

Make sure not to do anything that could ‘spoil your vote’, don’t write anything else on the ballot paper, just follow the instructions on it to cast your vote.

Remember that a general election is different to the other elections we have in Northern Ireland as they use the first-past-the-post system. You can only vote for one candidate, if you try and vote for anyone else then your vote may not be counted.

Then fold the ballot paper and insert it into the ballot box, and you have voted in the general election.

When will I know who was elected?

Once the polls close, the ballot boxes are taken to three count centres across Northern Ireland, where they will begin counting immediately.

Throughout the night and into the early hours of Friday morning, the results will be announced.

We are providing live coverage of results on our dedicated GE24 page and our X account.

You can view all candidates standing for election across Northern Ireland below.

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