Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) release their general election manifesto

Traditional Unionist Voice have launched their manifesto for the 2024 Westminster election, with everything from the Protocol to Education and Sport outlined. We have picked out the key points in this article.
Traditional Unionist Voice candidates launch their general election manifesto.

Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) have revealed their manifesto for the 2024 general election, titled ‘Restore The Union’.

The TUV have never elected a Member of Parliament and currently have one MLA and ten councillors throughout Northern Ireland.

They are running in fourteen constituencies in this election – with the four exceptions being Foyle, North Down, Upper Bann and Fermanagh and South Tyrone.

In March 2024, the TUV announced an electoral partnership with Reform UK.

In this article, we have picked out their key commitments.

Protocol and Windsor Framework

TUV oppose the Northern Ireland Protocol and Windsor Framework and say they “subject us to government by a foreign parliament, unelected by us and accountable to us, in 300 areas of law.”

They would introduce “Mutual Enforcement” which provides “a means of managing the border that involves the UK requiring, through its own legislation, that goods made in the UK for consumption in the Republic of Ireland must be built to RoI standards, and the Republic requiring, through its legislation, that goods made in the Republic for sale in the UK must be made to UK standards.”

Essentially, having the UK and the EU check goods that are entering each other’s jurisdictions.


The TUV agree with the position that Reform UK set out in their manifesto, which says that non-essential immigration should be frozen, the boats should be stopped by leaving the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), and to require five years of UK residency and employment before you can claim benefits.


Again sharing Reform’s policies, they say that the personal income tax start point should be raised to £20,000. The basic rate of tax will stay at 20%.

They also say that fuel duty should be lowered by 20p per litre, VAT on energy bills should be scrapped, and so should environmental levies.

Corporation tax should be changed from 25% to 20% and after three years to 15%.

The party says they will also advocate for a fair financial deal from the UK government at Westminster.

Stormont Reforms

The TUV say they prefer British rule from Westminster over “Sinn Fein rule from Stormont”.

“Though Stormont is back, it is fast falling into its dysfunctional routine. We have minimal faith in Stormont’s ability to ever deliver.”


They say that they “recognise the importance of facing up to the mental health problem” and support “increased funding for community mental health services”.

To address the lack of nursing staff, the TUV want to create a “Nursing Reserve Service” where “retired and former nurses could be enlisted, required to keep up with relevant training, modestly remunerated as reserves and be available to be called upon in an emergency.”


The TUV say they want to see investment in teacher recruitment along with fair pay for teachers, a commitment to academic selection, “but also to creating a more equal system of exceptional Grammar and non-selective schools.”

They want to see vocational training that would start in school and continue into further education for those seeking apprenticeships.

Also, they say that classroom assistants should get a “fair deal including greater job security and holiday pay.”

Life and Family

The party say they “continue to stand up, unashamedly, for traditional family values”.

“The attack on gender identity is the latest target of agitators determined to rip apart the fabric of society. TUV will actively oppose such, including this so called “progressive” agenda in our schools.”

“TUV’s moral compass means we remain resolute in opposing terrorists in government, amnesty for terrorists, destruction of the unborn and the dilution of marriage and gender identity as determined at birth.”


They will “fight for the right of athletes from Northern Ireland in all sports to compete on the international stage for the United Kingdom”.

TUV oppose the redevelopment of Casement Park saying “it is time for Gordon Lyons to pull the plug on the project and halt the squander of any more public money on Casement Park.”

You can read the TUV’s manifesto in full below, or by clicking here.

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