Traditional Unionist Voice announce general election candidates across Northern Ireland

Leader of Traditional Unionist Voice, Jim Allister, has today announced this his party will field candidates throughout Northern Ireland, with exceptions in some constituencies.
Image: Traditional Unionist Voice

Leader of Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) Jim Allister MLA has today announced his party’s candidates in the upcoming general election.

In March the TUV announced an electoral partnership with Reform UK.

Reform UK has since said they cannot field candidates in Northern Ireland as they did not register as a political party in NI soon enough.

TUV candidates will run under a joint ticket of TUV/Reform UK, Jim Allister said, “On 4th July we invite unionists to Answer the Union’s call – vote TUV/Reform UK”.

TUV made plain at the start of the year that if there was a risk of Sinn Fein winning a unionist seat, then, we would calibrate our approach accordingly.

That is why Upper Bann is the one unionist held seat we have decided not to contest. The relative strength of Carla Lockhart’s stance contributed to this decision but the compelling reason was not to assist a Sinn Fein victory. We realise this decision will disappoint many TUV/Reform U.K. supporters in Upper Bann but we believe on this occasion it is in the interests of the greater good.

In Fermanagh & South Tyrone we sought to maximise the opportunity to regain that seat through an agreed non-party candidate. Sadly, that was vetoed. However, in keeping with the established tradition in that constituency we will not contest that seat.

– Jim Allister MLA, TUV leader

In Fermanagh and South Tyrone, the Ulster Unionist candidate Diana Armstrong will attempt to win the seat, now that the DUP and TUV are not standing.

In Foyle and West Tyrone, they will stand if they can find ‘suitable candidates’.

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