Ulster Unionists select Jay Basra as Westminster candidate for Mid Ulster

The Ulster Unionist Party has today announced their candidate for Mid Ulster in the upcoming general election. Jay Basra will attempt to gain the seat from current holders Sinn Féin.

Jay Basra will contest the upcoming general election in the Mid Ulster constituency for the Ulster Unionist Party (UUP), they have announced today.

Pictured with the UUP’s deputy leader Robbie Butler, Basra currently serves as the honorary president of the Unionist Youth Network.

Sinn Féin has held the Mid Ulster seat since 1997, and it was held by Martin McGuiness until 2013. Since then Francie Molloy has been continually elected to the seat.

In February, Sinn Féin announced that Francie Molloy would not stand for re-election this year. They are yet to announce who will stand in Mid Ulster.

In the 2019 general election Sinn Féin held the seat with a majority of almost 10000 votes

Commenting on his selection, Jay Basra said, “I am proud to have been selected for Mid Ulster. I intend to work for Mid Ulster and for its future. I hope this will encourage more young people to put their names forward.

“Moreover, I hope to reinvigorate unionism within the constituency with renewed energy and activism.”

No other parties have yet announced candidates for Mid Ulster.

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