Alliance councillor Ross McMullan steps down from Belfast City Council

Ross McMullan has stepped down as Alliance councillor for Ormiston on Belfast City Council saying that "the right decision is to give way to allow someone new to take on this amazing role".

Alliance‘s Ross McMullan has said in a statement today that he is to step down from Belfast City Council.

He represents the Ormiston District Electoral Area (DEA) and was first elected in the 2019 local elections.

Releasing a statement on social media, Cllr McMullan said, “As many of you will know, I am now a dad to two incredible daughters who are three and almost two.”

“Maintaining a balance between a young family (with other family circumstances to contend with), my work (beyond council) and a council role (that has no real end and reachable at anytime), has become impossibly hard for me to get right – and something needs to give way.

“Recently, the hybrid council meetings of temporarily stopped. This hybrid function that originated as a necessity to carry on council business during the pandemic became fundamental to helping this balance for a lot of councillors, including myself.”

“I have decided the right decision is to give way to allow someone new to take on this amazing role.”

Party members will select a replacement who will be co-opted onto Belfast City Council.

Kate Nicholl MLA said, “You’ve been a brilliant public servant & have so much respect for you making this tough but right decision. Wishing you & the family all the best.”

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