Traditional Unionist Voice outlines their strategy for the forthcoming 2024 General Election

The TUV's strategy for the upcoming General Election could see benefits for unionism, but they also issue a warning to the DUP if they plan on returning to power-sharing anytime soon.

Traditional Unionist Voice (TUV) led by Jim Allister MLA, have outlined their strategy for the upcoming 2024 General Election.

A press release states: “At a meeting of TUV Party Officers the basis of the party’s approach to the upcoming General Election was agreed, embracing two fundamental tenets.

“In seats presently held by non-unionists, particularly those which are winnable for unionism, such as North Down, Fermanagh & South Tyrone, South Belfast and North Belfast, TUV strongly supports an agreed single unionist candidate.

“If there should be a return to Stormont to implement the Union-dismantling Protocol, with acceptance of EU law and the Irish Sea border, then, unionists who disagree with such folly must have a candidate to vote for.”

The TUV has said they support only having one unionist candidate in those constituencies that are currently held by non-unionists (i.e. held by Sinn Fein, the SDLP, or Alliance). The only unionist party to hold any seats at Westminster is the DUP.

Specifically mentioning North Down, Fermanagh & South Tyrone, South Belfast, and North Belfast as seats that unionists could target.

Sinn Feins John Finucane took the North Belfast seat from the DUPs Nigel Dodds in the 2019 General Election when he was the only unionist candidate running but only by a margin of just under 2000 votes

The TUV also said that if the DUP returns to Stormont, then unionists should have a choice to vote for a candidate who disagrees with that return.

So essentially, the TUV will endorse a single agreed unionist candidate for constituencies not currently held by unionists. They have not mentioned seats already held by the DUP – so they could contest these seats.

However, if the DUP decides to return to power-sharing, we could see a change of strategy from the TUV.

Pic: Liam McBurney / PA

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