Alliance select Stephen Farry to stand for re-election in North Down

Alliance's North Down Association have selected Stephen Farry MP to stand as their candidate for the revised North Down constituency at the next general election.

The Alliance Party has confirmed that they have selected Stephen Farry MP as their preferred candidate for the revised North Down constituency at the next General Election.

Mr Farry was first elected to Westminster in 2019 and was a North Down assembly member since 2007. He is currently the deputy leader of the Alliance Party.

“It has been an absolute honour to represent the North Down constituency as MP over the past four years, building upon my previous service in other roles.

“This Parliamentary term has been a rollercoaster with Brexit, Covid, the cost-of-living crisis, and wars in Ukraine and the Middle East, Plus, we have seen three different Prime Ministers.

“I have been a consistent opponent of many Government policies. In my role as representative, I have given voice to my constituents on numerous issues before Parliament.

“I have advocated for constituents on many matters, including around Covid support and cost of living schemes, and on behalf of refugees.

“Bringing new investment and extra resources into North Down in particular and across Northern Ireland more generally is a key challenge for an MP.

“My current priorities include advocating for a financial package to address Northern Ireland’s budget crisis, and seeking improvements in the UK’s relationship with the European Union.

“I hope to have the opportunity to continue this work, especially improving North Down and building a shared and prosperous Northern Ireland.

“North Down is an increasing diverse constituency. It has always been a moderate and tolerant place in the overall context of Northern Ireland. Today, it is clearly a progressive constituency.

“Alliance has grown significantly in North Down over recent years, with a strong local team. We are now the largest party in terms of vote share and representation.

“I believe that Alliance, as a cross community party, and in particular the stances I have taken, offer an electoral choice that is very much in tune with the values of North Down.”

– Stephen Farry MP

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