The DUP and Alliance see a rise in support, whilst the UUP and SDLP get no positive indicators in recent polling

New polling shows positive indicators for the DUP but they remain behind Sinn Fein who remain the most popular party. Whilst the UUP and SDLP have nothing positive to take from the poll.

In a new poll for the Belfast Telegraph by LucidTalk, Sinn Fein remains the most popular party, with 31% giving them their first preference vote. But the DUP has narrowed that lead from August 2023, now sitting at 28%.

The DUP has gained two points since the last poll in August 2023, which will be seen as a positive for their leader, Sir Jeffrey Donaldson. However, it does mean that their decision on whether or not to re-enter power sharing will be a lot more difficult.

The Alliance Party gains one point and is one of only two parties to make a positive gain, sitting at 16%.

Doug Beattie will have plenty of thinking to do, with the Ulster Unionist Party losing two points since August, they now sit at 8%.

Again, the SDLP remains static on six points, not making any gains. They’ve consistently been polling at around 6~7% since August 2022.

The TUV and Aontu both lose one point, bringing them to 4% and 1% respectively. Whilst the Green Party and People Before Profit remain static at 2% and 1% respectively.

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