Labour’s Shadow Secretary of State to meet with Stormont party leaders today in Belfast

Hilary Benn makes his first visit to Northern Ireland in his new role as Shadow Secretary of State, to have discussions with the main political parties.

Labour’s new Shadow Secretary of State for Northern Ireland, Hilary Benn MP, is meeting the five main political parties and the Assembly speaker, on his first visit since his appointment last month.

He will hold meetings with representatives from the DUP, Sinn Fein, Alliance, UUP and SDLP today.

This comes as the Windsor Framework’s green and red lanes came into effect on Sunday, and the DUP’s executive team are to hold a meeting on Thursday to discuss the Windsor Framework.

The Shadow NI Secretary met with the Assembly Speaker, Alex Maskey MLA, in his visits to Stormont.

In his meeting with Sinn Fein, Michelle O’Neill described their discussion as focused on the need to restore the Executive and the Northern Ireland Assembly.

The Alliance Party leader, Naomi Long MLA, also released a picture of their meeting with Hilary Benn on X.

The Alliance leader said: “Pleased to have a constructive meeting with new shadow SOS Hilary Benn. But many of the issues we discussed could and should be resolved in the Assembly by MLAs and it’s crucial we get back to that.”

As well as meeting with political parties, Mr Benn also met with personnel from the Wave Trauma Centre and visited Queen’s University Befast.

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