DUP will not be deflected by noises off stage says its leader

Sir Jeffrey Donaldson spoke to the News Letter following the latest comments by Northern Ireland Minister Steve Baker.

The Minister of State for Northern Ireland, Steve Baker, commented on a radio interview and said that the Windsor Framework will not be reopened to satisfy some of the “hardest lines of opinion”.

He also said that Sir Jeffrey Donaldson has a “hard problem to deal with”.

The leader of the DUP spoke to the News Letter and said: “Our focus is on getting the right solution, we continue to engage with the UK Government on this.

“We have been involved in extensive engagements with them over the summer period and this will continue until we make the progress that is needed.

“We will not be deflected by noises off stage.”

“I think it is widely recognised that applying political pressure without seeking a solution is not the way forward.

“In fairness to the Secretary of the state he has been fully engaged in our discussions and we will continue to engage with him and with the government generally.”

The DUP’s deputy leader, Gavin Robinson, agreed with Sir Jeffrey: “Attempts to pressurise or threaten won’t work and they haven’t worked in the past, including in the run-up to the council elections.

“The UK Government know the DUP’s position and we will continue our engagement to ensure there is an outcome that works for unionists as well as nationalists.

“Rather than megaphone diplomacy or social media soundbites, the focus should be on finding solutions.

“Unionism has only ever asked for the Government to meet its own promises about the integrity of the UK.”

Leader of the Ulster Unionist Party, Doug Beattie, said: “I think Steve Baker was being brutally honest and I think it’s fair that unionists and loyalists and everybody else in Northern Ireland gets honesty. We have been told that message for quite some time. So it didn’t come as a shock to us when he said that.”

Sorcha Eastwood, Alliance MLA for Lagan Valley, commented on Twitter: “DUP have made it clear they have no interest in returning to Assembly unless its on their terms. How so? The first sign was the person actually elected to be DfM not taking up the seat; the second sign was the election was over a year ago..”

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