Stormont parties publish their annual accounts

Sinn Fein saw the largest total income out of all parties in Northern Ireland.

The Electoral Commission has published the accounts of all the political parties in Northern Ireland.

It has been revealed that Sinn Fein received the highest total income in 2022, totalling £1,186,378, whilst their total expenditure was £1,533,335. This means that Sinn Fein spent over £300,000 more than it received – the largest overspender of all the parties.

The Alliance Party followed in second place with a total income of £522,368 and a total expenditure of £545,477.

Most parties saw an overspend, and this is common when an election has taken place.

The accounts of all the parties are detailed below.

PartyTotal IncomeTotal Expenditure
Sinn Fein£1,186,378.00£1,533,335.00
Alliance Party£522,368.00£545,477.00
Democratic Unionist Party£426,175.00£487,968.00
Social Democratic & Labour Party£423,786.00£395,644.00
Ulster Unionist Party£234,161.00£399,622.00
Traditional Unionist Voice£76,592.00£74,546.00
Green Party£51,514.00£71,251.00
People Before Profit£37,316.01£60,500.35
Progressive Unionist Party£4,160.00£6,442.42

The accounts of all parties are available on the Electoral Commission’s website.

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