MPs vote in favour of troubles bill immunity provision

MPs today voted to reinstate the amnesty to those who cooperate with investigations.

A controversial Northern Ireland legacy bill was debated in Parliament today.

Said bill would end Troubles-era cases and inquests, and offer a conditional amnesty to those accused of killings.

The vote ended with MPs voting in favour of the amendment, 292 to 200 – a majority of 92.

This means that the amnesty will be introduced, so those who cooperate with investigations under the new Independent Commission for Reconciliation and Information Recovery (ICRIR) body will be offered an amnesty.

The amnesty is opposed by all parties in Northern Ireland, along with the Irish government, and groups representing bereaved families and victims.

Jim Shannon MP spoke earlier and broke down in tears when commenting on the murder of his cousin and a friend in 1971.

All the Northern Ireland MPs voted against the bill today. The only MP with no vote recorded was Gregory Campbell.

You can view how all MPs voted on the Parliament Website.

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