Ulster Unionist Party will close their office in North Belfast

The office which was opened in September 2021 is to be closed, the UUP have said.

The Ulster Unionist Party have announced the closure of their office on the Shore Road, in North Belfast.

The office was launched in Septemeber 2021 to support the Ulster Unionist candidates running in the 2022 Assembly and 2023 Council elections.

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The UUP did not gain any seats in North Belfast in either the 2022 Assembly election or the 2023 Council election, which has likely been a major reason for the closure.

The office was originally opened by the party leader, Doug Beattie, and their North Belfast representative, Julie-Anne Corr-Johnston.

In a statement, the Ulster Unionist Party said: “The UUP opened the Shore Road office in 2021 to support candidates running in the 2022 Assembly and 2023 council elections and is now in a planned closure since those elections are completed.”

The spokesman also added that the officce had been “paid for out of party funds”.

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